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Correct Installs offers extensive services to businesses working with storage systems and storage equipment. This includes storage products such as Pallet Racking, Metal Shelving, Back-of-store shelving, Mobile Shelving, Cool and Cold Room shelving, Conveyor Products, Pedestrian Protection, Raised Storage Areas (Mezzanine Floors) and much more. 

Pallet Racking Installations, Relocations & Service (Since 1973) 

Mark Althaus is the founding director of the Elbowroom business group encompassing Correct Installs, Colby Storage Solutions Murarrie and Ware Hows, offering his 40+ years industry experience.

Correct Installers…

  •  are trained and competent to perform the task assigned them;
  •  operate only tested and tagged equipment and tools;
  •  are appropriately Licensed, Accredited and Ticketed on the equipment they operate;
  •  function their tasks using Safe Work Method Statements;
  •  assemble and fabricate to manufacturer’s tolerances or highest industry standard, whichever the more rigorous;
  •  will seek advice or assistance if required from trusted engineers, senior staff and experts should they be in doubt;
  •  will conduct themselves in the safest, most informative and most professional manner at all times.

Correct Installs covers you in every respect whilst engaged by you. We guarantee..

You actually can trust us!

All warehouse and workplace installations of Pallet Racking, Shelving, Compactus and Storage Systems. All brands, including Colby; Brownbuilt; Dexion; Schaefer; APC; Stow; Acrow; Spacerack; Macrack and many others.

Take a look at the Elbowroom group’s full capability statement here: Correct Installs Capability Statement